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Nina Ryser - Laughing Tears CASS

by Nina Ryser

$5.00 / Sold Out

Just over 26 minutes and 11 tracks long, a fantastic new release by Nina Ryser

1. Icy Road
2. Gossamer Dream
3. Bucket Head
4. Portal
5. Sore Reminder
6. Wondrous Cosmos (by Cosmic Connie)
7. Holding Them Up
8. The Feminine Blow
9. New Shine
10. Walking After Midnight
11. Black Hole (by Cosmic Connie)

Watch the video for 'Holding Them Up' here:

Listen to the whole tape here:
Or on your preferred streaming service

Recorded and Mixed by Nina Ryser in Phila, PA 2017-2018
Mastered by Carl Saff
Guitar solo & outro on "Bucket Head, accordion & Melodica on "New Shine" performed by Anina Ivry-Block
Artwork by Izzy Kross