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Michul Kuun - GREAT

by NAH


Michul Kuun - GREAT (then after awhile, it didn't mean anything to them)

12" LP, 45rpm

Record will most likely be shipped early March

1. Great Intro
2. Boy Hurt Maniac Song
3. Who This? (feat. Wiki)
4. Pay Me (feat. Isaiah Barr)
5. Open Dunno Stay (feat. Obongjayar)
6. Magic If Work
7. Entrance To The Dawning Of My Night Shop
8. Be / Have / Oh
9. Beyond Beyond (feat. Nappynappa)
10. Snarls Big With The End Part
11. Slip Talking (feat. Klein)
12. Wonderful and Nice
13. Great Ending

EXTRA INFOS (if you want) -

Recorded April - October 2018 in Ghent, Antwerp, NYC, Philadelphia, and London.
All production, percussion, and programming by Michul Kuun
Engineered and mixed by Michul Kuun
Drums on tracks 4, 5, 12 engineered by Alex Epton
Track 2 mixed by Ryan Schwabe
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe
Vox and lyrics on track 3 by Wiki
Sax on track 4 by Isaiah Barr
Vox and Lyrics on track 5 by Obongjayar
Vox and Lyrics on track 9 by Nappynappa
Guitar on track 11 by Klein
Vox and lyrics on track 11 by NAH
Modular synth on track 12 by Alex Epton
Vox on track 12 by Nini
"Great" skits by Griffin Mcginley
Visuals / Design by Michul Kuun
2019 MK / Ranch Jams
Thank you