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Prince of Yeti Mantra s/t cassette

Image of Prince of Yeti Mantra s/t cassette


Electronic side project by Josh Mackie of Gunk

1 Hour long limited to 100, green tinted tapes with blue cases. printed, dubbed and assembled at the RANCH

Prince of Yeti Mantra #1 Prince - I Learned to Wait - Happiness conceived - Chill of the Machine - Small Frog Pond - Real Good Thomp - AFUCKYOUBAMBOBO - Taste for My Gut - Nascar Disco Remix #2 (featuring Dan & Nate) - Charlie Friggin's Outro

(DJ TURKOOIS) Dance Weird - This is for You - Maluatu and Erotic. - Day Trip to Planet Voodoo
released February 20, 2016

All music and art by Josh Mackie